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Disaster Recovery

Your back-up system is only a part of the real picture when it comes to disaster recovery.  Here at GTB we help you to identify risks, mitigate and avoid them. 

We can help you both plan and practice a robust recovery process, to get you running again if one or more risks eventuates.

GTB will work with you to understand your risks, your tolerance to those risks, and therefore what backup and recovery options will suit you best. 

For Example:

What happens if you or one of your staff accidently deletes an important file or folder, or saves over critical data?

And what if this happened several week or months ago but no one noticed until now?

What happens if your system get an infection which corrupts your data, including your back-ups?

What if an employee goes ‘rogue’?

What if someone forgets to do the back-up routine and then disaster strikes?

What happens if your hardware malfunctions and you can’t access your information?

What next if your building burns down?

What happens to your business if your region suffers a natural disaster?

The two aspects of a successful recovery plan are:


Recovery Point Objectives

So you never lose more than a certain amount of data.
The time between the loss of data and the last backup.  What is acceptable to you? 1 day? 10-15 minutes?  Whatever it may be GTB can make sure that you never lose more than that amount.

Recovery Time Objectives

The time it takes to get back up and running normally again
Even if you don’t lose any data, how long will it take to get back to normal?  We can ensure you that you will have access to your data and systems with an agreed timeframe that matches your needs.

GTB makes backups, security and recovery as easy as they can be.

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