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Reality is that there are dozens and dozens of brands, models and options out to choose from when it comes to computers and other hardware, and our role is to find out what will work best for you and make the choices simple.

GTB supplies business grade computer equipment because it performs better and lasts longer than the generally lower consumer-grade equipment you may buy at an electronics retailer or online.

Price wise we are very competitive, this is because we don’t hold stock, ordering only for your needs. We also don’t have old stock we need to move and in an industry where standards generally and price go down we can deliver what is currently best for you.

Do I have to wait?

To get new desktop or mobile devices ordered, setup, installed to your premises and in use, is typically 4-6 working days from your order confirmation.

Servers and networks up and running typically within 20 business days from order confirmation.

Fixed Price Services

GTB gives you cost certainty when getting that new PC of yours setup. We have a list of fixed cost services to help you get up and running with your new equipment

Start Right

Your new computer properly prepared for use, with your software installed and updated. Business class computer setup service

Data Transfer

All the data you require, transferred from your old computer, and tested

Onsite Install

Your new computer connected to your network, the internet and network folders or printers

Super Combo

Start Right + Data Transfer + Onsite Install at an attractive bundle price.

Let’s Have A Chat.

GTB have been my ‘go to’ company for technical support for over a year now, and I have found them to be extremely approachable and helpful. My aging and underpowered system was in dire need of an upgrade, and I fully expected to front the costs of a new server. However, GTB recommended transferring my key systems to ‘the cloud’ as a more cost-effective approach, which they did efficiently. Moreover, they provided training for my staff so that there was no disruption to my business.

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