Get all your business information wherever you need it.

As a basic minimum, there is really no reason why you and your team should not have seamless access to your calendar and emails wherever you are via your smartphones and tablets – and from there it just gets better.

As always, it comes back to what you need and what gives you an advantage in your business. We routinely set up solutions such as:Cloud-Solutions

Remote secure access, so you and your people can work from home, or wherever they are, by logging into their work system across the Internet, saving both time and money

Laptops and tablets which make anywhere with cell phone coverage or an Internet connection your office

Ruggedised laptops and devices, which are designed to be used on the move and can take a beating

Save time and money by reducing unnecessary travel, for example saving trips to the office, or allowing field workers to directly enter data without having to return

Improve customer relations in the field or with mobile reception in the office, with your staff moving to meet and greet customers who arrive, capturing their data or looking up information for them without the need to go to an office or an impersonal counter or desk

Shared calendars, tasks and emails, bringing your team together and coordinating them like never before

Cloud based communication, data and applications – available from anywhere on the planet

Business resilience because operations can easily be moved away from the office, or region, if desired or necessary.

Remote wipe capability for mobile devices so if anyone’s smartphone, tablet or laptop is lost or stolen your confidential information does not go public!

Did any of those interest you? If one or more did, please contact GTB now, to get your IT working for your team on the road, out of your office.