Get an IT system that stays up and running (not crawling!)

If your IT system is unreliable or slow then you’re leaking money, and adding frustration and missed opportunities.

Do any of these apply to you?bigstock-Close-up-of-male-hands-on-mous

current IT system too slow?

current IT system flaky and unreliable?

mobile devices not link up like you thought they would?

had the same problems for more than a few days?

your staff have a number of inventive ‘work-arounds’ in order to get things done but which take extra time?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of those, fill in the form at the top of the page or phone and contact GTB now to get a more reliable system.

The difference a reliable system can make…

If your IT solution is unreliable, dated, or your equipment is ageing, you could have hidden costs in your operation or be missing opportunities. You could possibly benefit substantially by increased productivity and decreased staff frustrations.

A well specified, designed and implemented IT system can help your staff to work better and deliver better results to your customers with the minimum of problems, frustrations and risk.

Staff without IT frustrations perform better, stay longer and improve your bottom line.

To work out the cost of unreliable or poor performing IT systems…

Lost time costs
How much time do the business owners and managers spend on IT issues?

How much time do the staff spend affected by IT issues, reporting them or losing work time waiting for a fix?

How long do you staff have to “wait” for slow a slow IT system?

Estimate minutes per day, multiply by number of staff and then 5 for the week, then multiply by staff $/hour

Recruitment and training costs
average cost to recruit any full-time staff member is 1/3 to 1/2 their annual salary

if your staff are frustrated and leave your team a month, a year or more before they would have otherwise, this costs you recruitment and training dollars.

Opportunity costs
all the time you and your staff lose could better be spent servicing your clients or growing your client base

Sharpen the tools

Computers, online systems, tablets, smartphones are all basic tools of the trade. Would you expect a mechanic’s workshop to use crappy spanners? Or a dentist to use a dodgy drill? Yet many businesses routinely and without thinking do this to their staff through poor IT.

If you have a problem it’s costly and frustrating. Don’t put up with this, get the IT system and support you deserve, contact GTB now.

The power of IT today to help – or hinder – your business is staggering and you need it to be working for you all the time. You can’t afford to have problems that niggle, staff that are frustrated, or with little problems that they don’t bother to mention anymore because “that’s just what it does”. These things combine and affect your performance and increase your hidden costs.

Being in business can be likened to sailing – of course you need to get your overall strategy and tactics right, but you also need to get every knot you can from the performance of your boat every minute of the day and to do this it needs to be kept well-trimmed and always operating at peak efficiency. If it’s not – then your staff can lose their productive edge and hidden costs can creep up.

When your IT is working well, you can turn your attention where it needs to be – to what you do best; to pleasing your customers and stakeholders. You don’t impress your customers if your staff are frequently talking about problems with your IT system. You don’t impress your customers if your mobile devices aren’t set up properly, or if you’re losing phone calls or emails.

Proactively maintained and managed equipment and systems increase your performance, cost you less over time and are one less thing you need to focus on. Contact GTB now for a no-obligation confidential discussion.

Specialist solutions providers

GTB specialises in providing and supporting IT solutions for organisations that need IT to work reliably and well every day. That may not sound terribly exciting to you, but that’s OK with us because we put a lot of effort into making IT boring! We design it for the need, set it up well and then keep a close eye on it to fix problems – before they arise as much as possible or reacting speedily when they happen. We like you to be excited about what your IT can do for you, but apart from that we don’t want you to notice it. We want you to have responsive, reliable IT.

We’re not telling you that we are perfect, because we are not. But we regularly get called in to ‘diagnose’ systems which just don’t seem to be performing and/or which have been irritating their users. Truthfully – are you happy with your current system’s performance and reliability?

Cost is an issue

Sound expensive? Depending upon your situation at present it may well cost you dollars, but equally it could be that a few good tweaks and some new bits and pieces here and there will give it (and you) an extra lease of life and for substantially less than you might imagine.

GTB believes that every IT investment needs to deliver a positive return, quickly. Everything we do is geared to maximise your return on investment in IT.

Contact GTB now for a no-obligation confidential discussion.