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Secure & Reliable File Storage

GTB IT Solutions have been providing rock-steady, secure, reliable file storage since 1999. 

While technologies have advanced, core principles are still the same. Every business needs:

  • access to business files and documents wherever you are working
  • security assured,  business files and documents are strongly protected
  • the minimum of fuss to be sure you have the latest correct document

USB hard drives and flash drives, multiple conflicting copies of files, lost files – all these are unnecessary with a good choice and set-up of a suitable Cloud File Storage solution.

Modern Cloud Storage

A modern Cloud File Storage System such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or SpiderOak can give you all of these at unprecedented low costs and high reliability:


Robust, reliable storage of your files

Your files are stored in large servers in air-conditioned data centres

Access any time, from anywhere via internet

Data centres operate 24/7, with multiple fail-safe power and internet connections


you always get the latest version of your files


You and your colleagues can read and edit the same document at the same time, wherever you are

Information security

Your files are encrypted in storage and in transit. Some services offer “super” security


You can lock down who can edit or even see any of your documents. 

More safety

Full document histories are kept in the system, so if you need to go back to the version of the document from yesterday, or 20 days ago, you can

The right option for you

Which is most important to you?

Your data stored purely in NZ – you need GTB’s NZ Storage

The most widely used and easy-to-use secure file storage service on the planet

Ultra-security and confidentiality from all prying eyes

GTB will set up the best-fit service for your priorities

NZ storage

While NZ government have now allowed offshore storage of confidential health Information with authorised providers, your organisation may have a preference or requirement to ensure that all your information stays within New Zealand jurisdiction.

GTB’s HomeDrive service is designed and built for exactly this requirement.

Easiest to use, most widely used, powerful and secure

For 90% of NZ businesses, Dropbox provides unparalleled ease of use, power and security, when well set up. GTB’s Dropbox service is designed to make sure your electronic filing helps drive your business forward, not drag it back!

Ultra secure

If you need to know that your information is completely confidential and proof against even a rogue employees at the provider, or national security services, then GTB recommend SpiderOak and will work with you to ensure your set-up and usage delivers to your requirements on all aspects affected by your file storage system.


Drobox for Business gives you a secure reliable and world-leading solution, that avoids many of the issues of other solutions and is easy for staff to understand and use.


Cloud Storage

Your documents synced seamlessly and securely to Dropbox servers


Feature rich

Over time you may start using some of Drobox Business’s other powerful features – collaborative authoring, Paper, search, etc


Access your documents from anywhere, anytime. Makes working away from your workplace a breeze.


GTB will fully set it up for you, train your team, and be there to help you become happy and productive – quickly

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Having GTB sort our filing system and move us up to online storage has been a big relief for me as owner, and makes it easier for the team too. They guided us through the process and were great to deal with.

Wayne Scott

NZ Ceilings Ltd

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When we decided to shift the practice into “the cloud”, GTB made this process simple. The move to “the cloud” has made a huge difference to how we are able to do things in the office, it means I can basically run the office from anywhere that has internet access. With the opening of a second branch, the ability to be offsite is so important. We also signed up for VoIP phones which are saving us money and keep the two offices connected efficiently

Trish Amor-Davy

Owner, Best Practice Law, Waikanae

I’m so glad I went through that migration and got everything migrated (to 365 Email and Dropbox for Business), now that I poured coffee over my laptop. Yay!, thank you, that’s made my day … can you imagine if we hadn’t!

Kate Taylor

Director, Katipo Solutions Ltd