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Point of Sale – POS

Running a retail or service business? Point of Sale software is affordable for even the smallest businesses, and enables accurate, efficient and quick transactions and tracking of track customer purchases and payments.

GTB can support your business, your team and your POS system.

We work with some of the leading POS software packages, including Vend Point of Sale, and we’re a one stop shop from hardware supply, setup and support, to POS software setup and support. We can of course support your other IT requirements as well, from VoIP phone systems, office computers and backups, email, websites, web hosting, staff training, etc.

Sell confidently, with a reliable and easy to use POS

A good POS system means speedier service and less stress weighing on you, resulting in more happier customers and more sales. So why skip out on something so simple that can make such a huge difference? Contact us today

Reliable, Consistent, Expert

Getting VEND to work properly requires you to have the correct computer terminal, Eftpos terminal and receipt printer all connected and setup correctly. With our experience and expertise this is made easy for you. Letting you run the rest of your business smoothly.

Ease of use

Even the most experienced employees can be thrown by a poor POS system. VEND is easy to use and well supported, meaning the amount of errors is kept to an absolute minimum. Making it easy for new employees and on the job training.

What is Point of Sale (POS)?

It’s that point where the customer is making the retail purchase. The merchant (you) has to calculate what is owned by the customer, indicate that amount, prepare an invoice, and indicate options for the customer to make payment. This all needs to be done quickly, efficiently and accurately. Today, a great many POS transactions are done within computer software systems, increasingly hosted in the cloud, for example using Vend Point of Sale.

What makes POS work?

To make it work you will need the right computer hardware and software, all setup properly and working together. For a cloud-based software system such as Vend, this is typically a computer terminal and screen, Eftpos terminal and receipt printer. You can also have a bar code scanner if you have records of your stock in the POS software. Some POS systems are based on POS servers within your premises. These systems also need a POS server and a system for securely and reliably backing up data. All systems need a tested plan to ensure your business can keep running as you’d like it to in the event of a variety of disasters.

Need to get a POS system?

Give us a call, and we can discuss your business requirements with you and translate these into the POS software setup so that it works for you.

Looking for POS support?

Already got a POS system, but need support? Look no further than GTB’s world-class helpdesk – ready and keen to help you and your team.