Websites to add value to your business.

Your website represents you to the world and no matter what you need it for, you need it to perform for you. GTB steps you through the build or refresh giving you a quality site delivered to your budget. You provide the content; we provide the site.

What are you looking for?

New website?


Good content but tired site?

Basicgood quality website? 

Someone to do updates for you?

GTB Computer Repair

Website support and web services

Don’t want a new site, but do want web support?

  • Updates – Send us what you want changed and we make it happen. Keep your site up to date and refresh
  • Security and housekeeping – Our regular services mean your site is safer and less likely to be successfully attacked
  • Domain – We keep the keys to your Internet addresses, so you stay safe
  • Analytics – Subscribe to our interactive Google Analytics page to get the basics of who is accessing your site, or get custom reports built to meet your needs

For more details – see our Web Services page.

New Websites

You need: a new website. Your business or organisation is either new to the web, or you have an existing site but want a major change.

Your first step is to speak with us about what you are looking to achieve. Which represents you?

  1. Brochure – Represent your company online in a way you can be proud of and which shows others who you are, what you do and why they should deal with you
  2. Marketing – You will use your site as a part of your marketing, driving people to it so they can see it, see you, and will want to contact you
  3. Shop – You want to sell things online. People visiting your site can click and buy directly in your online e-commerce shop
  4. Everything above – Nice, give us a call and we’ll help you get there!

Once we’ve understood what you want, we will prepare and present you with a costed workplan to deliver it.

Sound good?

Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.

Get a Refresh

You need: a fresh look. You like all or most of the words and pictures on your current site, but it looks out of date and this is not the image you want.

To give you a ‘refresh’ we take all or most of your content and drop it into a new refreshed website design. You look like you’ve got a cool new site, which makes people more likely to stay there, but it’s much less effort for you and for us than building a whole new site – especially when you don’t need a new site, you just need a fresh look!

Your first step is to speak with us about what you are looking to achieve. Please consider the following:

  • Image – There might be things about your site that you really like, but that to the people looking at your site appear dated or poor. Always think about what your audience is seeing and about the messages your site is sending to them
  • Pictures – Do you need to upgrade some of them? Older sites often have smaller pictures whereas newer looking sites make great use of larger photos which are often interspersed with the text for greater effect
  • SEO – Could your site have its SEO* tuned up at the same time it is refreshed? This will help people find you more often when searching

*SEO – Search Engine Optimization – Stuff we do to help your site be found by people looking for what you do

Once we’ve understood what you want, we will prepare and present you with a costed workplan to deliver it.

Sound good?

Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.

Basic, good quality website

You need: a website at a good price. You don’t need bells and whistles. Or, you can’t afford them (at least not yet!)

Our basic quality websites start at $895+gst.

Other than being on a tighter budget, they can suit you if you are known by your audience already, or if your industry is not too competitive in your area.

Here are four examples of basic good quality websites we have done. Can you see yourself in any of them? If you can’t, talk to us for more ideas!

  • Medical Centre – People look for you by name to see what you do and get your contact details. You are ‘a thing’ in your area. A simple but good-looking professional website may be all you need
  • Caravan park – Local secure caravan and camper park for vehicle storage (no overnighting, just storage). There aren’t any others in this area, so they just need a simple site, easily found, explaining what they do
  • Awesome food startup – Already have Facebook but need to step up with a proper website and online shop. New business, tight budget (for now – watch this space!)
  • Naturopath startup – Has run a business overseas successfully, now living in NZ and needs to start her practice here from scratch

Your first step is to speak with us about what you are looking to achieve.

Once we’ve understood what you want, we will prepare and present you with a costed workplan to deliver it.

Sound good?

Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.

More Information / Website FAQ

What are the ongoing costs?

Your site will need ‘hosting’.  Your site is made of code, and this code sits on a secure and powerful computer. The cost of renting the use of this computer and of making your site accessible to the world, is called ‘hosting’. It is a small amount payable per month and depends on how big your site is. Hosting is the only compulsory ongoing cost.

If a different website developer offers ‘free hosting’, keep in mind that the cost of their computers is recovered from you somehow, someway.

What are the optional ongoing costs?

Because sites are made of code, they go out of date which means they might stop working how they are supposed to, and also, they become more susceptible to attack. Also, with changes to the site, things will over time become untidy, again allowing the attackers to perhaps find a way in. The world has many hackers looking for out of date or poorly maintained sites. We offer and recommend an ongoing service to mimimise the chances of these things happening by keeping your site up to date.

GTB also offers other service, such as a standard Google Analytics report for $5 a month which gives you an interactive online summary of your websites key statistics, including visitor numbers.

Can I update the site myself?

Yes. Our WordPress sites are fully updatable by you. Keep in mind that while simple updates are easy to do even for a relative novice, bigger updates require some knowledge of WordPress and website design.

There are many training videos for WordPress available on the web. GTB can provide training for you if you have specific things you want to do.

Or you can ask us to update the site for you if you are not confident. This will be done quickly and efficiently

Does GTB do ALL types of websites?

No. We don’t do corporates or chains. We don’t do websites requiring lots of bespoke programming to delivery functionality. We don’t do websites requiring lots of careful customizing and artistic development.

What we do is websites that will be great value for the vast majority of kiwi small to medium businesses and organisations.

Are GTB websites costly?

No. Our clients are kiwi SMEs and they don’t have money to burn.

GTB has put effort into cutting out unnecessary cost. The cost to building a website lies mainly in the time taken to do it. A lot of the time taken to do it is in the process, not actually in the building. That is, we don’t mess around. We don’t have 10 unnecessary meetings with you. You don’t get to change your mind 100 times.

Can I change my mind about how the site looks during the build?

Yes, to a point. We work with you to ensure you get the site you want because we’re proud of our wok and we want you to be happy and tell others about us! But we ask you to make firm decisions at key points and then move on. This way we can deliver to the price we have given you. Because re-doing work is costly.

If you genuinely have a change of requirement after the site is already mostly built for example, then we will of course accommodate that; but it will come at an additional cost. Because re-doing work is costly.

Do you only do WordPress sites?

No, we also do sites in Craft CMS. We will listen to what you need the site to do for you, and then tell you which platform we recommend and why.

Can you write the site for me, or source great pictures and graphics?

Please let us know at the outset if you want us to do these things. Yes, we can likely help, but they are extra to a site design and build.

Writing the sites content is something you do best because you know your products and services and you know your clients and what they want.

It is one thing to do the words for a site, and it is another to go thing to go through a process to understand your target market, who they are, what they want, and therefore how you should design and explain you products to them. Your site will work best for you if it is written to really engage with your visitors, and if it gives them the messages that they want to hear, see and feel. We suggest you think about engaging with a marketing professional to write your words if this is important to you. GTB works with professionals and can recommend someone to you. Please ask.

Do you do Google AdWords and other online marketing guarantee campaigns?

To an extent. If you are looking for someone to do or assist you with these types of activities, then we can do that with you. We don’t however hold ourselves up to being a marketing agency, because we are not. Please discuss your needs with us.

Can you update my site when I want updates done?

Yes. Just send through what you want updated, and we’ll do it. This is a great service for keeping your site up to date and fresh with new photos, team members, updated products and services, etc. You pay only for the actual time it takes us to do it, no minimum fees or anything like that. See our Web Services page.

Can you host my site and keep it secure?

Yes. We can host your site, mange your Domains for you, and keep your site up to date and tidy thus reducing the chances of it being successfully attacked. See our Web Services page.

How long does it take to get a website done?

How quickly can you make decisions and give us the content?

Our experience is that a site typically takes a month to six weeks from payment of deposit, but this very much depends upon your availability for meetings, etc, etc. If it is truly urgent, then we will pull out the stops and potentially get it done in a few days.

What can I expect if I go with you guys?

When you are happy with and have accepted the workplan, we’ll get underway.

You’ll meet online with our developer for a ‘look and feel’ session. Our developer will already have a very good idea of what you want, but this is where you can really discuss what you are wanting, what you are thinking. If you have examples of websites you like the look of, then great, show them to us.

We’ll then prepare a mockup for you to provide feedback on.

Then you send through the content that you want in the site and we’ll fit it in, make it look good, and again listen to your feedback and tweak as needed. By content we mean the words, pictures and/or videos

When we’re all ready and the site is how you want it, we’ll make it go live for the world to see!

Sound good?

Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.

Request a call back

A member of our team will give you a phone call to chat about how we’d like to help you.