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Is your IT system driving your growth – or slowing you down?

Get an IT system that helps you grow. Designed to give you an edge.

When you’re set to grow your business, if you are not keeping up with the opportunities of new technology you will lose an edge, compared to your competitors who may be taking full advantage of the latest tools.  If you have an old Information system it could be the difference between success and failure in your growth initiatives.

There are hardware and software products available now that were not even on the market just 2 years ago.

  • Do you know what you are missing?

  • Can you avoid the risks?

  • Do any of the following apply to you?

  • Do you have a feeling that you are not up to date with what’s possible?

  • Do you have less than a clear visibility of your business results, productivity or internal blockages?

  • Are you still using printed forms or paper to run your business?

  • Do your mobile devices not seem to link up like you thought they would?

  • Do you feel you IT system is taking your time or holding you back?

If you were nodding as you read any of those, contact GTB now to move your IT forward.

Changing your IT set-up is not something you do every day – so when you do; you need to know it will give you an advantage.

By helping you to be more productive, your IT can help you get ahead. This is what GTB works with you to achieve.

The possibilities are endless…

The advent of smart devices has revolutionised how many people work, yet this technology needs to be integrated and a part of your whole ‘flow’ of business processes. Software to run those business processes is better than ever and can often be based in the Internet, reducing costs. Even the hardware itself is more powerful, flexible and lower cost.

Many organisations are using IT to force their own adoption of ‘best practice’ and more flexible and responsive business practices. The software is helping drive efficiency and productivity gains, and letting businesses do more than they have ever done before. There is no longer an excuse in many businesses for not being able to just push a button and know the bottom line, the profitability of any job or any work area.

Whether you’ve got two staff members working from a home office, or many staff distributed over a dozen locations and mobile as well, the basic discipline is to work out who needs what information, when and where, and then design and implement a system that delivers just that. On time and within budget.

Unfortunately there are many considerations and complications which arise as well!

Your system also needs to be resilient and recoverable in the event of a range of possible disasters and occurrences. Often there is a need to integrate with legacy systems or work practices and migrate from one to another. Old data may still need to be accessible. Your favourite work applications may not work under new operating systems and, even worse, their manuals may not tell you this! Then there are all the interactions that need to be considered and managed.

Despite the opportunities out there today for you to gain an edge that supports your growth, it’s also more complex than ever.

So, what we do is have a simple and systematic process to get our relationship with you underway, finding out what you need, designing a solution and putting it into place.

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