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IT for Accountants, Accounting and Financial Services Providers

As business experts and professionals, you’ll appreciate our support systems, customer focus, and the way we understand your business needs.

From clients who send you their accounting files in 10-year-old versions of software, those who are “all Xero” or QuickBooks Online, through to Financials for Office 365, cloud-hosted MYOB Advanced we help you to deliver the consistent high-quality service your clients expect and deserve.

Why GTB?

This Scottish Accountant loves the cost savings of the new phone system!

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Service Agreements

If any of the following apply to you, you need the right IT Service Agreement from GTB

  • You never know from month to month how much your IT support will be, and this makes it difficult to budget. You think “surely there’s a better way?”

  • You or your people are spending too much of your own time in discussing or trying to solve computer issues or IT niggles. You’re not sure you want to put a $ value on this time because it’s a bit scary

  • You dread calling your IT support because you know it will cost money

  • You can never be sure your IT support will respond promptly.

  • You are responsible for your IT system and its management, but it’s not really what you do best, and you really want someone you can trust to look after it and advise you.

  • You know your IT system could be in better shape, and your people more productive, but you don’t know how much that will be to fix, so you just bear the cost yourself instead

  • You’d like an IT company that is incentivised to keep your system performing, not to bill you hours

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