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Why upgrade to Microsoft 365?

March 25th, 2021

We have talked about how Microsoft 365 is more than just email. Data protection solutions, cyber security and how to avoid cyber security threats have all been hot IT topics in Wellington in the last few months. So, this blog briefly answers the question – Why upgrade to Microsoft 365?

However, it seems as if a lot of us who either have 365, or are considering it, may not realise it’s full value. We thought we would make a plain and simple list to help. That way you can refresh on it’s benefits, or make a clear decision about whether it’s best for you to upgrade to Microsoft 365.

Simple IT Security Solution

Microsoft 365 has extremely robust security protocols. Not only does it have built in malware and spam protection, it can help make sure your file and information are safe too. Using Microsoft DLP, you can tailor permissions and build in protocols to prevent the unintentional or accidental sharing of sensitive information.

Lots of Data Space Available

Each user gets 1TB of cloud space for file storage, which can be shared at folder or file level. That is no small feat! Forget the days of ‘user mailbox is full’ – each user is given a whopping 50GB in an easy-to-use mailbox.

With this much space, it is easy to set up a cloud copy of files in your Documents, Pictures and desktop in case you have problems with your PC

Remote Work

Previously, staff needed to establish a VPN or manage security concerns which made working off-site difficult and cumbersome. Microsoft 365 has solved that problem and working from anywhere is now easy. SharePoint and OneDrive make Business files available form anywhere while allowing you to control and securely manage access to these files

Integrated and Collaborative

Calendar, email and contacts are all synced and updated across multiple devices: Laptop, desktop & mobile. Schedule tasks, meetings and track allocations from a top-down level to know exactly how projects are progressing. Real-time co-authoring allowing you and your trusted peers to work on the same file at the same time.

 There are collaboration tools, and virtual meeting options, built into one platform. No need for the third party, and additional monthly payments for each tool!

Ease of Management

With a fully cloud based management console, your trusted IT partner can easily and quickly manage your users and their permissions. This ensures you only buy the licences you need, and that your people can do what they need to, but nothing more.

It doesn’t cost the earth

Once upon a time, updating your Office version meant paying a small fortune and half a day downtime. Microsoft 365 changes that, with no installation delay, and its always up to date with the latest version.

If you are looking into Microsoft 365 for your business, or would like to talk to us about your business architecture, file storage and migration or email, give us a call today!

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