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IT For New Businesses

This whole IT thing is pretty simple really, when you know how. Just choose the right software, equipment, training, ongoing support, network connections, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity procedures, and information security, set it all up right and GO.

Oh yes, it’s also very easy to make costly mistakes…

If you are starting a new business or looking to make a significant shift in your use of IT, you may be surprised what is out there today and what it can do for you. In an industry that is renowned for being fast-moving, things are changing faster than ever before.

  • Do any of these apply to you? 

  • Want an edge but not got a lot to spend? 

  • Got enough to spend but need to make every dollar count? 

  • Want an edge but don’t want to have to learn the IT yourself? 

  • You know that today’s IT can help and want the right help to make the right decisions? 

  • Looking for an IT company you can trust to support you as you get established and grow?

If you were nodding as you read any of those, use the form top-right of this screen to contact GTB now. GTB keeps up with the shifts and changes and we keep a very close eye on what works and what doesn’t. It’s about delivering you a business advantage, cost-effectively.

Don’t waste your money

The IT industry is famous for providing people with expensive solutions to problems they didn’t have and not solving the problems they do have. With exponential growth in products and services available, optimistic persuasive marketing, and no mention of traps, pitfalls and critical details of actually trying to make it all work in your business, it’s remarkably easy to waste a lot of money on IT.

GTB always starts and ends with your situation and your needs. We make IT simple and safe, helping you avoid most or all the blind alleys. Our job is to keep our knowledge and experience up to date, and then use it to help guide you through deciding what is best for you. We operate from the stance that to provide you with effective information technology, we need to understand your business needs (and so do you) including where you are going. To do this we take an interest not just in your information requirements, but also in your business strategy and direction.

We’re your IT navigators. Well specified, designed and implemented, your IT should be providing you with huge value, and it should be cost-effective right from the start and flexible to your needs.

You can have a really effective IT system for less than you think

The flip side is that its also to invest with great effectiveness in IT. Such as the GTB partner client who were ready to pay $67,000, now have a better solution for under $5,000.

GTB partner ACTUAL CASE STUDY. With the right guidance (or luck) you may be able to get things done that even recently were out of your scope. Your competitors may not have realised it yet, so you can keep ahead of them. Or maybe they already know and you’ve got to keep up. 

Contact GTB now now to arrange a Business Needs analysis from GTB, key to uncovering what’s right for you. We’re not saying IT today is cheap; just that a LOT more is possible. You can get incredible value today from free or very low cost software. Where before you might have needed to buy servers and maintain them in-house, today a hosted solution may be suitable, at substantially lower cost per person per annum.

Push the boundaries

There are pros and cons to anything of course, and we take you through these as a part of your decision about which way to go. You do need to go into this with a sense of precaution (and use us as your navigators) as there are plenty of people making costly mistakes based on all the compelling marketing for IT innovations today.

People are buying software thinking it will do everything they want it to do, then find down the track that it doesn’t. Even if the software is free, the investment of your time is still considerable. If you want to push the boundaries then we’re not going to promise that everything will be perfect, but we can put the odds much more in your favour – because we do this sort of thing every day.

We generally recommend either well proven or leading solutions, and will ensure you are aware of the line between ‘leading edge’ and ‘bleeding edge’. 

Contact GTB now for a no-obligation confidential discussion.