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Put in place sensible and effective measures to reduce your risk of being hacked and suffering the consequent cost, disruption and reputational damage.

If you hold information about your clients, ensure you meet your responsibilities to protect them adequately.

Where to start?

For very small businesses and those which have a lower risk, the minimum levels of protection can be quite easy to implement. As your size and risk go up, for example, if you run a professional firm with client information, then there are extra things to think about.

As well as ongoing advice and information we provide to our managed service clients especially, we also offer a Cybersecurity Discussion or more structured Cybersecurity Assessment. These help you get clear about what your risks are, what you are already doing that is good, and what you could be doing that will most cost-effectively lower your risk. If you prefer, we can put you in touch with an independent Cybersecurity Expert.

But the guts of it is - there are things that businesses should be doing to give them a base level of protection, and this is where we usually recommend you start.

Keep in mind - if you have cyber insurance, you will likely need to be doing all the basics or your insurance may not pay out when you claim.

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How to continue?

Cybersecurity is not a job to get done and then forget. It is instead something that you get yourself up to a standard with, and then keep an ongoing eye on - along with all the other things a busy business owner/manager has to do. GTB can help you with this. Keep in mind that cybersecurity will require an ongoing budget, and that recommended protections may change, rapidly at times, as new threats emerge.

Free Cybersecurity information and resources

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