GTB IT Solutions

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Increase your system availability, ensuring your people are productive and feel supported. Cost-effectively outsource the day to day responsibility for your IT for a fixed monthly fee and free your headspace to focus on your clients. Businesses operate best when they can quickly access support when something goes wrong.

Why a Managed Service agreement?

Cost-effective. Peace of mind. Easy as.

Here's the bottom line – if your IT system is slow, out of date, frustrating for your staff, or embarrassing in front of your customers, then it is costing you money, time and/or reputation. IT today can deliver so many genuine opportunities to you and your business – are you taking advantage of them?

With a GTB SureIT support agreement, we focus on keeping your system up and running and your people supported whilst optimising the support for your IT across its life. We use remote monitoring and management, proactive maintenance, responsive, friendly helpdesk, and a holistic approach – to provide you with easy, cost-effective solutions for IT peace of mind.

GTB has been an IT managed service provider for over a decade, and many of our testimonials are from managed service clients.

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Why NOT break/fix?

In the old IT style, you rang us up when you had a problem, and we fixed it. This is known as 'break/fix' or 'pay as you go'.

The problem with break/fix is that you are disrupted until the issue is fixed, potentially losing money and having frustrated staff and/or customers. And we are under pressure from stressed clients to fix a problem as fast as possible.

With a proactive managed service approach, we don't get paid any extra for fixing problems, and this incentivises us to ensure you don't have issues in the first place - which is actually what you really want - IT that works and doesn't get in the way of your business and your people.

Your people are happier because they have fewer issues with their IT, and when they do, they can get prompt and friendly support. They feel supported.

Frankly, we need to recruit and retain quality technicians and engineers with a great customer focus. And these sorts of people are professionals who don't like working under constant pressure "fire-fighting" with their days filled by calls from frustrated clients whose IT is broken. So by moving much of our work from urgent to planned and proactive, we created a workplace at GTB that is far more rewarding for our people. And then, on those less-frequent occasions when you have an urgent issue, we're fresh and keen to jump all over it and get it sorted asap.

Finally, we can plan and schedule our team more effectively because managed services entail more proactive and planned work for the GTB team and fewer urgent issues. This is a key reason why managed services are more cost-effective for you.

A level of service that suits you...

As preferred alternatives to the traditional 'pay as you go' or 'break fix' IT support model, GTB delivers:

  • Fully-managed services

  • Partially managed services

SureIT Monitor+

SureIT Monito+ is our lowest level of agreement and is a partially managed service.

You pay a small fixed monthly fee, and we remotely monitor your system so we can quickly and cost-effectively intervene if we need to. We also conduct automated routine preventative maintenance to keep your system in good condition and prevent many problems from occurring. The modest monthly fee covers the monitoring and regular preventative maintenance with any additional work being on a 'pay as you go' basis.

SureIT Monitor+ is also a core part of cybersecurity as it keeps your computers patched and monitored.

We have many smaller clients (1 to 5 computers) and some of our newer big clients on this agreement. In addition, many clients start here and then move up agreement levels as they get used to GTB and understand the greater value SureIT Remote or Full brings.

SureIT Remote

SureIT Remote is our intermediate level agreement. It includes everything in SureIT Monitor+.

You pay a fixed monthly fee, and we will do all we can to keep your existing system working remotely from our workshop. These days most support can be delivered either by us 'remoting-on' to your system or providing email and phone support for you and your team from our Service Desk. If onsite visits need to occur, you authorise and pay for them.

For example - We have a client with a head office and manufacturing facility in Wellington with sizeable sales and warehousing facilities in Auckland, Christchurch and Tauranga. We support all these locations on SureIT Remote. If they ever need 'hands on' other than in Wellington where they have their servers, then we can arrange this through our nationwide IT Alliance partners.

SureIT Full

SureIt Full is our "normal" managed service agreement, and most of our work is for clients on this agreement. It includes everything in SureIT Monitor+ and Remote.

We take responsibility for keeping your existing system running, well maintained and available to you. We keep your people supported in their day-to-day work. We do this for a fixed monthly fee. This is the 'peace of mind' option because we become responsible for ensuring your IT system works for your staff. So, if your IT support 'blows out', then that's our problem, not yours.

The service includes onsite visits where remote support cannot fix the issue or deliver the service.

We have clients as small as a single person business on SureIT Full.

SureIT Extended

Similar to SureIT Full, except your cover extends beyond the normal working day.

For example - We have a large medical centre client with a busy A&E clinic operating seven days a week until 10 pm. They have been covered for more than a decade by SureIT Extended, meaning if they have urgent issues on weekends or in the evening, they can get support.

Pay As You Go

The traditional, although now dated, model where we respond to your needs when you ask us to.

We have clients on this service and are happy to offer it when requested.

Other benefits of SureIT

Priority Client

We do our best to help everybody, of course!

However, we need to prioritise incoming service work according to its effect on a client's business. So, for example, if a site loses its IT service and can't work, this is Priority 1 and will take precedence over routine work.

If we have to allocate resources to competing needs, SureIT clients will get preference based on the level of agreement they are on.

Record keeping

We keep complete records of service, of course.

However, when you become a SureIT client, you are 'on-boarded', which means we take extra time to create useful records in our system about your IT system, people and preferences. Hence, from day 1, you are supported by an IT company that knows you and who you are and helps you better.