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Working From Home – Keeping your team connected and running

With COVID lockdowns coming and going, staff wanting to work from home & a growing global remote work network having a system in place for your team to work remotely is more important than ever. These systems should keep your networks secure, maximise the productivity of your team and allow for fluid communication.

GTB understands that each business has unique requirements and has a range of options to help you get what works best for your team. 

With the right tools in place, a remote work system can keep your team running at 100% while working from anywhere. Your clients shouldn’t experience any is disruptions in the service you provide (unless in lockdown.)

Case Study

In the recent lockdown (2021) GTB helped Orange Network move to remote work. Watch our case study video of Barbara explaining how she experienced this shift.  

Transition to working from home for Orange Network

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What makes a good remote work system?

Computers, Printers & other equipment

Easy access to data


Computers, Printers & other equipment.


Providing your team with devices (laptops or tablets) to use for work is the best option to not compromise security, access support & streamline software

Home Computers

Allowing staff to use home computers for work is a risk that we don’t recommend you take. Home computers don’t have the same level of protection that managed devices do.


Printers can be a real pain. GTB help desk can remotely support your staff with getting home printers or scanners connected to PCs.


An option gaining popularity in many workplaces is a laptop being the main work device and docking stations being used to connect to external monitors & peripherals. Docking stations can be set up in your offices or at your team's homes to allow them to maximise productivity with two or more monitors.


Accessing Data.

Your team needs to be able to quickly access data and work on documents.


A VPN (virtual private network) allows your team to remotely connect to your business network and access files & services. Good VPN’s provide you with more security than other options like RDP (remote desktop protocol).

Web Apps

Web apps like Word Online & Xero make it easy to access on any device however there is a compromise on speed with some of these. Getting the full applications installed will decrease the time your team spends waiting while things load.



Keeping your team connected while working remotely is critical.


Softphones allow you to use a mobile device like a phone in a VOIP system. An app installed on the mobile phone allows calls to be made & answered. This is great for managing incoming calls and keeping outbound calls under your phone number.

Desk Phones

VOIP desk phones can be taken home and plugged into the network. These are a great option for any staff members managing large call volumes.

Microsoft Teams

Teams are a great way to make internal communication easy. It is packed full of features that can be used to improve productivity, out of the box it's simple to use and allows your team to create text chats & video/audio calls with other team members.


Discuss your options with GTB.

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