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Business phone systems

Spend less, get more

Whether you’re setting up a new business or replacing an aging PABX, a VOIP phone system from GTB brings you…

Why GTB Phones?

Massive cost savings

Cost far less to set up and gives massively lower monthly costs than old-style traditional PABX.  As these phones run through the internet, it means you no longer need to pay line maintenance on your telephone bill, in plain English; VoIP is a lot cheaper than a standard phone system.

Your upfront setup costs will be paid back quickly from your ongoing savings, and from there it’s just saving for you

Better sound quality

Clients consistently report that their new VOIP phones provide much clearer sound on the handset, headset and speakerphone


Make it easy and quick to move staff around, adding them in or change their offices – and we can easily do it for you if you prefer.


Connect you and your team wherever you are. Wherever you are in the world, if you can access the Internet, you can get your dial tone. Simply take your headset or IP phone

Custom Made

We work with you to customise the setup to your business needs, from having the phones answered by a friendly voice and giving options, to call flows and how long phones ring for, to auto-forwarding options.

Changes further down the line are easy to make as well.  A quick call or an email to us, and you can have options changed, redirects set up or even a whole new user ready to go, it takes minutes with us, not hours.

Online conferencing and calls

With a headset connected to your PC, or a dedicated Conference Phone, it's easy and quick to attend online conferences, listen to seminars, or make calls (for example with Skype). No more dialling long numbers and incurring fees

Proven, Secure, Reliable

Maybe you’ve heard that VoIP is not very good? Well, that is no longer the case. VoIP technology has really come of age. The calls are high quality and the service is very reliable. Because of this, our VoIP system has been the solution to any company’s need for quality phones.

Asset Utilisation

Use your internet connection rather than needing a separate phone network.

Ease of use and features

See when you have messages for you, easily manage your mailbox, email voicemail messages for action. Benefit from other features such as the ability to ring multiple phones at the same time, reducing time-consuming “phone tag”.

GTB recently carried out a complete change in phone system for us over to VOIP as well as new PC's. Their communication was excellent & their advice & recommendations were clear and easy to understand. We were happy with their pricing too. Highly recommend GTB.

Brent and Rachel Delaney