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Keeping Your Website Safe And Up To Date

Your website is an investment in your business and needs to be looked after to give you the results you want. GTB provides you with expert support to keep it safe, keep it up to date, and so you know how it is performing.

What are you looking for?

Update Service

Security and Housekeeping

Website & Application Hosting

Domain Management


Update Service

You need: to be able to easily and quickly get your site updated when things change, and/or to keep it fresh and interesting.

Google likes websites that are regularly changed, kept up to date and have new content added. Your visitors will like that too.

Which represents you?

  1. DIY plus help – You make simple changes yourself but need someone to support you with the harder stuff

  2. Not your scene – You are either too busy doing what you do to have time to make the changes, or you don’t know how to do it, or don’t want to know

  3. Your developer not good at support – Many developers are not so good at providing support for changes. They take too long to do it, charge too much, or simply don’t offer it as a service

GTB constantly handles many work requests in our world-class ticketing system. We’re very happy to give you the support you want, and we can do it seamlessly. It comes in, it gets allocated, it gets done, it gets billed.

We can either work alongside your developer, or we can take over support and do it for you when you want it. Your choice.

Save them up for a big change or keep the site right up to date by making regular minor changes. Whatever suits you best.

Security and Housekeeping

You need: a website which is kept safe and secure.

What you don’t want is the website equivalent of a sign saying “kick me” taped to your back. Yet, this is what many sites are like.

Hackers and criminals are looking for easy access, because it is usually more profitable. This means they are looking for sites which have out of date security or software modules or have ‘attack surfaces’ due to poor internal maintenance and tidying after changes are made.

GTB has packages of services that cater to the needs of the website you have and your risk profile. This includes regular security updates, plugin and module updates and re-licensing, housekeeping to keep the site tidy and minimise opportunities for attack.

Sound good?

Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.

Website & Application Hosting

You need: Your website to load fast & be hosted on secure servers with backups

If something happens to your website you want the peace of mind of having a team available to restore a backup and get your website back online quickly. WordPress clients get daily backups held for 30 days, GTB Web+ clients get the peace of mind of instant off-site backups held indefinitely.

GTB is always working on our web hosting product to provide more to our clients for less. We provide all our clients with the best server configurations at a cost corresponding to the resources and traffic your website gets.

WordPress Hosting

We host our WordPress websites across multiple servers around the world to give your website visitors the best experience.


  • CDN (content distribution network) - loads images & static files from high availability servers. Faster website & able to have more simultaneous connections.

  • Daily Backups - these backups are automatically managed.

  • Advanced Caching - less processing is required for each connection, allowing near-instant loading websites.

  • Bot Protection - Decrease the chance of a hack with AI-powered tools blocking bad bots from accessing your website.

  • Stable Technology - we understand the importance of reliability for production websites and only use stable software.

Web+ Hosting

We have servers configured to maximize the performance of our GTB Web+ websites.


  • Instant Backups

  • PHP 8.x

  • Load Balancing Options

  • Can be configured to have 100,000+ simultaneous connections

  • Flexible Storage Options (S3 Bucket)

Application Hosting

Got a web app or backend you need hosted? We can provide custom dedicated servers for hosting apps of any size. Get in touch to learn more.

Domain Management

You need: your valuable Domain(s) to be kept safe and secure.

Your Domain is your Internet address and you are relying on it more and more. Frankly, you need to take care or it (or them). You need them to be managed by someone who is always there, doesn’t disappear on you, does what you say, and knows what the technical aspects are.

Which represents you?

  1. Need new Domain – Looking to setup a company or website and need people to get your Domain(s) and then securely look after them for you

  2. Need safety – You’ve got a Domain and you realise its importance and just want someone trustworthy who will be around for the long-haul to manage it for you

  3. Historical blur – You’ve got Domains, but you don’t have the details and/or the person who set them up for you has gone, is uncontactable or unfriendly

  4. Independent custody – You’ve got a Domain and you want it to be looked after by someone other than the current person who is doing so. Perhaps you don’t want this person or company to have the power over you when it comes to future decisions you might make about the Domain. For example, it is held by your web developer and you know one day you might want to choose a different developer

At GTB we promise you this – we will look after your Domain professionally, registering you as the owner not us, ensuring it is secure, maintaining its details in our secure system, and making changes to technical settings only when you authorize it. If, one day, you instruct us to relinquish control of it, then we will do so professionally and promptly.

We have been here for over 20 years, and we’re not going anywhere soon.

Sound good?

Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.


You need: to know how your website is performing

Ok, the best way to know how your website is performing is by how many web form enquiries you get, or how many times the phone rings and when you ask ‘how did you hear about us?’ they tell you they found you online. Or, it’s about how many customers tell you they found the website to be useful.

But there’s another level too – how many visitors is your site getting? What pages are they going to? When did the people visit your site; was it just after you ran that big ad? Even at a simple level, keeping an eye on how many people visit your site, when, and which pages they went to gives you critical data to help you know whether your marketing is working.

A standard part of our website build is to setup and turn on Google Analytics.

From there, GTB offers a template based interactive monthly report on the key aspects of your website – how many people are visiting, the top pages visited, etc.

If you want more than this, then we can custom build an analytics report to your requirements. Or, we can give you access to Analytics and you can do it yourself.

Sound good?

Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.

More Information / Website FAQ

  • Yes.

    We can provide a trustworthy and professional service to ensure you always remain in ownership and control of your Domain.

  • Yes.

    We don’t exceed our mandate. If you want to get websites from your developer, but have us support you by doing changes in between major updates, then that is fine by us.

  • We are simple and transparent. We are professionals and you pay for our time to help you and/or products delivered. When you buy a service from us, you get that service as quoted. Anything else is additional.

    For example, if you are hosted with us, the hosting fee covers the cost of hosting which means we will deliver you a working hosting platform. It does not cover the cost of updates to your site or restoring your site if it is hacked and fails.

  • No. It means the chance of you being hacked are reduced, but not eliminated.

  • No. The report is optional.

    If you wish to access your website analytics, we can provide you with the login and password so you can dive in yourself and setup whatever reports you desire. You may already be good at this stuff yourself, and if you aren’t, there are plenty of ‘how to’ guides on the Internet.

    If you ask for our help, this will be charged for.

  • Of course. We at GTB can either do it for you, teach you, or let you just do it yourself – this is your choice.

    If you ask us to teach you, then we’ll work with you to figure out what you are trying to achieve and how it can be done. Our time is chargeable.

    We are quite happy to share our knowledge with you so that you can do it yourself the next time without us.

    Sound good?

    Great. The next step is for you to contact us so you can tell us what you are wanting, or what you are thinking about.

  • Typically, 1-3 days.

    Please ensure you allow time for this when planning the updates you want done.

    It may be longer than this if it is a bigger job, you do not give us all the information we need, or what you want is not clear.