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IT Audit

Concerned about your system or how it is supporting your needs? Contact GTB now now to discuss and arrange your IT Audit.

Please note – this is NOT a freebie IT Audit where we bag your current IT provider, this is a professional independent assessment of the technical condition of your system and its fitness to support your business needs. You get the information you need to know where you are at now, and to support decision making.

What you get…

The IT System Audit gives you a systematic, comprehensive and professional evaluation of your IT system and lets you know whether it is working as it should, whether it is meeting the needs you and your team have, and what (if anything) you need to be doing about it. It informs you so you know where you stand and can make decisions based on it. It comprises:

A thorough and systematic check of your computer system

A clear and succinct report identifying the current state of your IT system, including:

A ‘best practice’ based plan of action to address any issues or concerns. Areas of concern requiring remedial work will be given a cost for you to budget on.

An annotated System Network Diagram, with Mail-Flow and Back-Up flow; clearly identifying the key elements of the system, together with what is working well and where there are opportunities for improvement

A verbal presentation of the report in a two-way session where you can have it explained to you, ask questions and discuss.

Next steps…

IT Audits can usually be commenced within 1 to 2 weeks of confirmation of order and payment of deposit. The report will be presented within 10 working days of commencement, subject to GTB staff having adequate access to your system and staff during the first 5 working days.

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