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Sarah McMurray, BSc

Founder and Technical Director

With a science degree majoring in pure maths, plus chunks of law and education dangling off the side, I started in the IT industry as a mainframe systems engineer. After “retiring” to be a Mum (so much more challenging than “real” jobs), I founded GTB in 1999.

The intention of GTB from the beginning has been to bring the good bits of corporate quality IT, without unnecessary corporate overheads, into the reach of local businesses and social enterprises.

Today, though GTB has expanded beyond these areas, the essence of the original vision has been retained, and I’m strongly committed to GTB core values of quality work and care for people.

My strengths include “knowing lots of random stuff”, “clarifying and simplifying”, “synthesising ideas and concepts”. Also, luckily since starting the business, “courage” and "persistence".

I believe any investment, including IT, must make a tangible difference for the investor. Information technology is here to make all our lives more prosperous, healthy and happy.

Sarah McMurray smiles with a mug in hand.
Mark Ternent stands at computer desk, wearing GTB I T Solutions vest.