GTB IT Solutions

IT for Lawyers

When every minute counts…

Whether you are charging for those minutes or not, they all still count, either towards your business or your personal life. You need to make sure your people are supported, and that while you are at work, all your time is important.

Law firms have specific requirements that GTB understands and meets. Practice Management Systems; Digital Dictation; scanning, filing and emailing large documents; ensuring that you have mobile access to emails, key documents, appointments and calendars – these are all grist to our mill.

When you or your staff want or need to work from home, we’ll set the IT up to make that secure, reliable and make sure that it’s fast enough to use to get your work done efficiently.

If your work requires you to compare, comment and synthesize information from multiple electronic documents, you may well find that having two or more monitors will boost your productivity and reduce that ache in the shoulders at the end of the day. GTB will supply and set up the equipment you need, with no fuss and no disruption to your work.

GTB technicians have significant experience supporting Lawbase and Affinity. We are skilled and competent at ensuring that your LawBase, Affinity, JuniorPartner, or ActionStep (ASLegal) Practice Management System has the infrastructure it needs to perform well for you.

Make IT productive – Contact GTB now to discuss professional and cost-effective support for Lawyers.