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This Scottish Accountant loves the cost savings of the new phone system!

CASE STUDY - August 16th, 2021

What was the issue:

  • We had aging PABX phone System which needed to be upgraded.

  • This was costing us approximately 10-20,000K per year.

  • We wanted to cut costs on our phone system, and increase functionality.

What happened:

  • Met with GTB and discussed our specific requirements, in terms of how our phone system worked, what our needs were, and what we were looking to achieve.

  • GTB suggested a Voip phone system. The basis of this was that it was a good modern system, that would meet all of our needs, whilst also working within our budget.

  • GTB came in and took care of everything from installation through to training.

  • GTB provided us with the correct functionality for each area of our business, including a phone with extra features for reception.

Positive Changes:

  • The clarity of calls.

  • The individualised messaging service means that we can create different messages for different parts of the office.

  • Much more cost efficient. The monthly fee has gone down substantially. For a Scottish Accountant this means a lot! 


Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend GTB as they just make things easy, by looking after all parts of the process, and providing good quality solutions !

Ian Fenwick
Chartered Accountant / Partner

Providing comprehensive accounting and business advice since 1980

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