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Transition to working from home for Orange Network

CASE STUDY - September 19th, 2021

How GTB helped us smoothly transition to working remotely.

Background: Orange Network have brokers who mostly work remotely. Their office/admin team were set up for remote work in the first lockdown. Barbara is the new office manager who had recently started, so had not worked remotely before the Aug 21 Covid-19 lockdown hit.

What was the issue:

  • Because of Covid we had to work remotely from home.

  • Basic things like my mouse, printer and scanner were not working which was causing me issues.

  • We also couldn’t receive phone calls easily out of the office.

What happened:

  • We contacted GTB who called us back very efficiently.  

  • GTB were easily able to give me assistance with my mouse over the phone.

  • The printer and scanner took a bit more to sort out, but they took care of it promptly as well.

Phone system

  • Handset – The VOIP phone system that we have allowed us to take the phone system home.

  • GTB set us up with “loops” so that if someone doesn’t pick up the phone call, it then loops to the next person in the team.

  • GTB helped to set this up whether we were at home or in the office.

  • What it means is that if one of us is not available, the customers call will go to the next available person.

Positive Changes:

  • Knowing that all of our basic needs were taken care of and that all tasks were easily able to be done in a remote situation has been a huge relief.

  • Having a phone system that easily works remotely means no lost calls and continuous customer care.



Prior to this job I was in the public sector, and we had a very large I.T team. When I joined Orange Network I was very interested to see how our relationship with GTB would work in comparison. I have been enormously impressed with both how responsive and how knowledgeable GTB are.

Barbara McPhee

Practice Manager at Orange Network

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