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4 Reasons to use ESET Security Products

January 29th, 2021

With so many warnings that cyber security is on the rise, it's important businesses have this part of their IT sorted with confidence. ESET is just one of the many solutions out there, so we thought we would give you our top 4 reasons to use ESET security products.

Small Footprint

Compared to many other products, ESET has a very small 'footprint' in your system. It doesn't take up a lot of disk space, and it doesn't hog system resources. This means that your computer/network is likely to be faster. This means that you and your people can work faster and be less frustrated.

There are many other things that can affect your computer's performance, of course. But GTB's consistent finding over many years is that ESET is less likely to be a problem for you.

Fewer support Issues

We have few support issues caused by ESET products.

Often programs, especially security programs which are written to be suspicious and watch out for things, can have conflicts with software or settings you might have. As a managed service provider we get paid not for time, but for keeping things working, and so we value that ESET products tend to cause fewer issues for you.

High ranking in independent testing

GTB has monitored professional independent testing of security products for 15 years or more, and ESET products consistently rank in the top couple. Not just for being able to detect and deal with viruses and threats, but also for low numbers of false positives, and other metrics.

This long term reliability is important because you need to know that your security software is good and will do what it is supposed to, and you also don't want to be changing anti-virus every couple of years as this costs either money or your time to do.

Meeting todays threats

Many people are still using 'anti-virus' and yet the world has moved on and 'viruses' are now only part of the threat you face. ESET has kept up to date with these threats and developed new products to meet them.

ESET have a range of products, and GTB recommends different ones for different situations and taking into account the risk that you face and your appetite to accept the consequnces of that risk.

For businesses of any size or with a risk profile (perhaps because they hold client personal information) we tend to recommend ESET EndPoint Security, managed in GTB's ESET cloud security portal. Compared to a less featured product, this has many advantages. The cloud console gives GTB massively improved abilities compared to older 'traditional' anti-virus programs installed onto computers. It reduces management costs and gives very rapid access to the latest updates. It is also of benefit in the event you are being attacked as we can see real-time what it is reporting and take actions to help fight an intruder.

For smaller businesses and home offices with lower threat, we would often recommend ESET Anti-Virus. We also recommend ESET NOD32 or Windows Defender as suitable for low risk e.g. your normal cautious residential computer user.

ONE MORE REASON - Finally, a bonus 5th reason! In NZ, ESET is supplied by Chillisoft and as a Chillisoft partner, GTB has found that they provide us with excellent technical support. This means if you suffer an attack, not only do you have ESET products, with GTB behind them, but you also have NZ based deep subject matter experts behind GTB.

Final thought for you

So, what have we learned?

Yes, all kinds are cybercrime have sky rocketed, and it’s our very strong recommendation that businesses check on the security you have, whether it meets your business needs and covers your risks, and especially the security software you are using.

Getting an IT company on board means that they manage this process for you and can help you make the right choice, managing ongoing risk long term. Effectively, you are not on your own in today's changing cybersecurity landscape.

If you are in Wellington or the lower North Island and would like to chat to us about your particular situation, you could give us a call, or complete the contact form below. We'd love to hear from you.

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