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Copilot uses for New Zealand businesses?

June 21st, 2023

Co-pilot is on its way. At the moment it is only being released to beta testers, but we like to keep you informed of what is coming.

This article aims to give New Zealand businesses a brief overview of some of the practical applications of Copilot. It is by no means a comprehensive training manual, but a quick overview.

To be clear Copilot isn’t another product, it is the branding used to describe the AI across all of the Microsoft tools like word, powerpoint, teams, excel, outlook and email.

Think of Copilot as a way to assist you with your work wherever you are already working. Having this AI tool is meant to help provide ease, efficiency and stop the overwhelm, not to create more overwhelm.

Here we’ve attempted to show some practical applications of Copilot in the everyday world.

Copilot in Word

If you’ve played around with ChatGPT (read our recent blog here) or another AI tool, this concept won’t be entirely new. However with Copilot you can also create content that draws on images and excel documents.

Copilot can help to:

·         Draft proposal from multiple sources in a few clicks.

·         Format proposal – bring in images.

·         Will help you to write a summary

·         Write FAQs

As always, with any AI tool, remember that this is a starting point, and a first draft that will need to be reviewed.

However, it is always easier to start with a rough foundation so Copilot really does assist in these circumstances.

Copilot in PowerPoint

Imagine if you could take your proposal or word document and then create a Powerpoint presentation from that.

Using your words, ask Copilot to create custom images to bring your presentations and stories to life. 

For example, you can ask Copilot to “create a black and white image of a bulletin board with sticky notes and post cards in an artistic photography style” and see that image quickly appear in PowerPoint.  

Animations in Powerpoint can be easily added to a slide.

Speaker notes can be easily generated.

Rewrite with Copilot improves your PowerPoint presentation’s text, turning bullet points into paragraphs (or vice versa), making your text more concise, and creating original titles for your slides. Here are some examples of prompts you can try:

  • Turn a text-heavy slide into concise bullet points for greater clarity.

  • Rephrase your original text to ensure it flows well.

  • Make your presentation more concise and on-point.

Copilot in Teams

Copilot can provide practical assistance within Teams.

For example Copilot can help you to run more effective meetings by organizing key discussion points and summarising key actions so that the entire group knows what to do next.

In the chat, Copilot gets you answers to specific questions or catches you up on anything you’ve missed, all without interrupting the flow of discussion.

By adding Copilot to your meetings and conversations, you now have a powerful tool to help with common tasks.

Watch this video for a simple explanation.

Copilot in Whiteboard

Copilot in Whiteboard will make Microsoft Teams meetings and brainstorms more creative and effective.

You can ask Copilot to generate ideas, organize ideas into themes, create designs that bring ideas to life, and summarize whiteboard content.

Copilot in Whiteboard can turn your ideas into original images that complement and enhance your text.

It’s also easy to solicit feedback from colleagues, summarize your work, and use Microsoft Loop components to share what you’ve created, bringing your collaboration to the next level. Here are some examples of tasks you can accomplish with Copilot in Whiteboard:

  • Brainstorm new marketing slogans from just one or two original words or ideas.

  • Visualize and quickly bring your ideas to life using Designer in Whiteboard.

Copilot in Outlook

New Copilot capabilities in Outlook make it easier than ever to create impactful communications. Draft an email and Copilot in Outlook will offer coaching tips and suggestions on clarity and tone to help you compose more effective emails and strike just the right note.  Here are some examples of how Copilot in Outlook can help: 

  • When you need to send an email about a sensitive topic, Copilot can coach you to deliver the information in the most effective way possible. 

  • When sending an email while working on a tight deadline, Copilot can coach you to deliver a clear message in an appropriate tone.

 Watch this quick video for quick tips on how to use Outlook


Like any AI tool, Copilot isn’t perfect, but it definitely can make life easier. The best thing to do is it give it a try.

For more information feel free to reach out to our friendly team here. 

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