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Driving Digital Transformation: How Delaney Mitsubishi Scaled Up With the Help of an IT Partner

CASE STUDY - April 19th, 2023


  • Delaney Mitsubishi, owned by Rachel and Brent, is the Mitsubishi dealer and authorised service centre for Kāpiti, located on Te Roto Drive.

  • In 2021 they started an ambitious program to upscale their business to full Mitsubishi dealer status, including a complete rebuild of their premises into something much bigger and much better.


  • Had never really had an IT company before, but realised they needed to have the right IT partner to help successfully navigate all the changes and improvements needed, including:

    • Implementing a business software package covering all aspects of their business.

    • Roughly doubling the number of people in the business, including employing a Sales Manager for the first time.

    • Operating from the old building while the new one was built behind it, and then switching across as seamlessly as possible before the old was demolished.


  • Rachel contacted GTB in 2019 to get a VoIP phone system and to check them out and see if they would be the right IT partner for the future project.

  • GTB became their IT partner.

  • In 2021, Delaney Mitsubishi began the much awaited project!

    • GTB advised on network requirements for the new building and introduced cabling specialists to do the cabling.

    • GTB advised and supplied the IT needed to support the new workflow system decided upon by Delaney’s, requiring an on-premises server.

    • As the build progressed, GTB advised and provided support in time with the project, including:

    • New business-grade email system (Microsoft 365) moving from a single email address to emails for different departments and key people.

    • Upgrading the phone system from 2 handsets to about 8, and with a much improved, more customer-friendly call flow.

    • Improved business resilience through a backup and disaster recovery plan.

    • Cabled network and wifi right throughout the much larger premises.

    • The ability for key people to work remotely (put into place more than once during Covid!).

    • Provided new workstations for new team members as they arrived and allowed more workstations in the workshop.

    • Set to work the network and wifi systems.

    • Provided Internet, including extensive liaisons with Chorus to connect the new building to the Internet during the build, in tandem with keeping the Internet on in the old building.

    • Helped to make the move to the new building as seamless as possible.


  • It’s 2023, and Delaney Mitsubishi are now in their brand-new premises, with a forecourt for displaying their shiny Mitsubishi’s in the place where the old, unattractive building used to be.

  • They have an extended workshop and an automotive workflow system for running the business.

  • Rachel and Brent say, “It’s been a big project, and we are thoroughly delighted with the outcome and proud of our team and business.”

  • Rachel says that the IT side of the move was near 100% smooth.

  • Working with GTB enables Rachel and Brent to focus on their core business, knowing all our phones and IT systems are set up and running well and meeting our needs.

  • Support is just a phone call away, and for any additional requirements, our first port of call will be GTB.

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