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Get Pass - the secure password generator!

April 19th, 2023

Are you emailing passwords to people? (hint – this is a security no-no), or stuck on how to create strong random passwords? We have added a very simple tool to our website, Get Pass, which you can use for free, and which will help keep your business more secure.

There are two main reasons you may find the GTB Get Pass facility useful:

1) If people need passwords, how do you send them securely?

One thing you should NOT do is email passwords. If someone hacks your email account, one of the first things they may do is search your history, looking for emails containing passwords you have sent OR RECEIVED.

Never email passwords!

Instead, use the GTB Get Pass facility to create and email a link. The link will expire after a few days, meaning the password will not be compromised if someone accesses your emails in the future.

2) How do you come up with passwords that are strong, random and unique?

The answer is GTB Get Pass! In literally a couple of seconds, you can generate a strong password. Use this in conjunction with your chosen password manager.

How do you use Get Pass?

You can click directly on the link here, or follow these steps.

Firstly go to the menu at the top of the GTBs website and click on the "Help" Menu; then, in the dropdown box, click on "Password Tool"


Next, click on the button "Generate Password". You can choose the length of time that the password has before it expires by either days or views.

Then hit the 'push it' button, and Get Pass will generate a secret link that you can email securely.

Tip: Pushing to an international user? You can also change the secret link language using the dropdown menu to the right of the URL.



Get Pass is a great addition to the security layers required for Password best practice in your business.

If you have any queries about how to use this tool or any questions about how to increase your security for passwords, please contact us here.

It would also be worth reading the blog here about the benefits of 2FA/MFA in your business.

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