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Is It Time to Get a Cybersecurity Assessment?

July 17th, 2021

If you are concerned by all the cybersecurity horror stories, then you are not alone. Sure, Biden told Putin last week that he had to stop the attacks being made from Russian soil. But that is unlikely to give much confidence to kiwi businesses that things will change, at least in the short term. So, here is something that can give you some confidence – a GTB Cybersecurity Assessment!

The assessment draws on current best practices recommended by CertNZ and others, takes a risk management perspective, and factors in GTB experience over the years. 

We go through what you have and look for potential vulnerabilities. We use a best practice checklist and our eyes, ears and intuition. We make a list of issues and recommendations, an IT security roadmap. Based on your situation, we are looking for the highest severity/likelihood issues (per risk assessment best practice).

This assessment will not find every potential vulnerability but gives you a solid approach and starting point to an ongoing systematic approach to understanding and managing cybersecurity risk in your business.

If there is the time within the budget, we will guide you or fix the issues we have seen. However, implementing our findings may take additional work, and if so, we will do a quote/indication.

Please contact us to book your assessment.

Want to reflect a bit more before you contact us? Here are some recently published GTB materials that introduce cybersecurity to kiwi business people in simple non-technical language…

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