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Promotional World boosts efficiency & cuts costs with GTB's Cloud-Based Business Phones

CASE STUDY - February 15th, 2023

What was the issue?

Promotional World operates in New Zealand and Australia, providing a huge range of branded promotional materials. 

  • In March 21, Promo World was based from a home office, and about to open commercial premises for the first time.

  • They had been working towards a goal of driving down internal costs, enabling lower costs for the customer, balanced against higher levels of service and responsiveness.

  • To do this, they had been investing in IT, and particularly, moving to the Cloud.

  • They had three different suppliers providing their phone service across NZ and Australia, and wanted to make this more streamlined.

What needed to happen?

  • To become smarter and more efficient with the use of technology.

  • To have a cost-effective phone system to handle customer enquiries generated from NZ and Australian websites.

  • The system needed to work seamlessly no matter where the call was taken – in the new commercial office, home office, or whilst on the road. Calls are too important to miss!

  • The experience for both NZ and Australian customers needed to be first class.

Action steps:

  • Promotional World met GTB at a Chamber of Commerce networking event.

  • GTB and Promotional World discussed use of GTB’s cloud-based business VoIP phone system to meet the needs of the business.

  • GTB set up the system and ported (transferred) Promotional World’s existing phone numbers so existing customers and market investment were not lost, and added new phone numbers as needed, including supplying an Australian free-call number.

  • This means Australian customers can dial a free-call number (their equivalent of 0800), and the call rings on Promotional World’s desk phones or the owner’s mobile phone.

  • The overall solution was easy to set up, and the ‘learning curve’ for Promo World was minimal. 


  • The new system works better than the old one; customer service levels have improved, calls are not missed and costs have been reduced by 20-25%. Plus they get one invoice per month from a NZ company they have a personal relationship with (GTB), instead of three invoices from large telcos.

  • Promotional World in particular like:

    • Smart routing – it is easy for them to route calls to their different locations, so they can truly be mobile and pick up calls wherever they are.

    • ID Australian calls – the phone tells Promotional World when the call is from Australia – important to answering and because there are slightly different product sets offered in each country. 

    • Emailed messages – if calls go to answer, then the message is immediately emailed. This can be easily checked from anywhere and forwarded to the correct Promotional World person

    • Softphone app – more than just forwarding calls to their mobiles, the Promotional World mobile has a fully featured softphone app, containing contact numbers, etc.


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