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Rugged tablets for rugged work

August 19th, 2020

Do you have people moving around or out in the field, and they need to be connected or use your work app? Is the nature of their work rougher than the average office laptop or tablet can handle? Are you in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti or Horowhenua area? You should look at having rugged tablets, laptops, scanners.

Built from the ground up for rough environments, they are designed to withstand hard knocks, long drops, high or low temperatures, moisture, dust and more. They can take quite a beating and still shine through and do the job. Waterproof, drop-proof and shockproof. Rugged tablets offer reinforced frames, tough skins, hardened glass, watertight seals, soft corners and major components that are shock resistant.

These rugged devices are in use right around NZ. If you are in the Wellington, Hutt Valley, Porirua, Kapiti or Horowhenua area then perhaps you should look at them.

Get your workforce productive

As technology continues to advance, there is so much more productivity to be gained through having the right software in the right place – and the ruggedized tablets and laptops are the tool to get that software out of the office and into the hands of your workforce. Ideal with vehicle people, moving around in trucks, vans, cars, buses all day, they are also at home in warehouses, factories, and yards.

Get the right solution for your business

No matter what application you are running, there is a very good chance that there will be a ruggedized tablet or laptop right for you. Smaller screen sizes and less powerful computing means lower cost for lightweight software apps running Android.  Right up to larger screen sizes and Windows 10 Pro or IOT* for more hungry apps.

*What’s Win 10 IOT? It’s like Win 10 Pro that drives desktops and laptops, except it can be locked down to be more robust and less likely to crash and so is very useful for powering machines and equipment that is always doing the same thing. IOT is “Internet of Things”.

Lower cost, better performance

This rugged tablet and laptop technology has been around for a while, pioneered by the military. As time goes on it has got better and lower cost. The price has been coming down and the equipment lifespan going up, meaning you get a solid return on investment. They offer you a cost-effective way to increase your workforce’s productivity.

Give your people the tools they can use.

Get in contact and we’ll work out what could help you.

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