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How to install a Māori Keyboard & Type Macrons Easily

How to install a Māori Keyboard & Type Macrons Easily

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This easy to follow free ebook will guide you through installing a Māori Keyboard on Windows & Mac OS. 

What are these Macrons and why do we need them?

That little line sitting above some of the vowels in Māori words is called a macron. A macron denotes a doubling of the vowel sound, as seen in the word Māori Kāpiti. It's important we include macrons as they are required to correctly spell many Māori words & place names.

How will this eBook help?

The PDF ebook contains step-by-step instructions on how to install a Māori Keyboard and type macrons on many vowals. It has screenshots to help make following the guide as easy as possible. 

Why is it an eBook?

We made this resource a pdf ebook so it can be shared easily via email and followed offline. By filling in the form below you will automatically be emailed a copy of the ebook. Joining our email list isn't required, but if your interested in staying ahead on business IT news then it's worth giving it a read.
If you get stuck or need help while following our guide, our help desk is always available to help - no matter where you are located in New Zealand.

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