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John Grant & Aaron working together at GTB.

Work Ready Kāpiti - Work Experience at GTB

June 22nd, 2021

GTB have been involved with the Work Ready Kāpiti Youth Employment Foundation for over three years, we have been a regular participant at the employer meets and have also taken on gateway students from local high schools. This is the first time we have taken a work experience placement though Work Ready Kāpiti, congratulations Aaron!

In June, we had Aaron, who is a year 12 student at Otaki College, come to us for a work experience placement.

Aaron was with us for three days, and was able to gain experience with sitting in on client presentations, as well as practical applications with p.c builds and an introduction to software engineering. 

Through this experience, Aaron was able to gain an understanding as to how his education can be applied in the business world.

"I found work experience really interesting as I found out things about my desired path that I didn’t know about previously and could help me to achieve my goal to get there. While I was there everyone was extremely friendly..."

Kāpiti Youth Employment Foundation, commonly known as Work Ready Kāpiti (WRK) is an employer-driven charitable trust which was founded in 2018.

This programme has been set up to encourage Kāpiti youth aged 15 to 24 years old to gain skills and experience, and to show employers that they're work-ready.

Part of Work Ready Kāpiti is encouraging local businesses and employers to get involved by providing placement opportunities.

John Grant & Aaron working together at GTB.


  • The Work Experience Programme - WEX

  • Kāpiti Work Ready Passport

  • Events - #EmployerMeets and the Annual Awards Event.


The philosophy behind the programme is to benefit Kāpiti both socially and economically by helping young job seekers to be work-ready, as well as giving businesses the ability to give back to the local community.

GTB have thoroughly enjoyed being part of this programme, both with giving back to the community by offering these opportunities to the local youth, as well as enjoying the youthful fresh perspectives.

If you are a student who wants to get work experience, or a company that would like to offer placements you can find out more about the Work Ready Kāpiti programme here. (


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