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Forget website nightmares

… get the website you dreamed of

GTB’s simple robust process and friendly efficient team step you through safely and quickly, and you get the website you ask for. Totally mobile friendly of course.

All GTB websites are based on the popular, flexible and secure WordPress platform. They are fully responsive, mobile friendly, and easy to support. Payment 50% on order, 50% on completion. Some other conditions apply.

GTB online shopping sites (eCommerce) are based on the WooCommerce platform or Shopify.


Simple no hassle low cost website

Starting from just $895, get the website you want. Be found, look professional, and give your prospective clients the information they need so they choose you. You provide the content*, we provide the site. Low cost sites can look awesome!  *Don’t worry, If you’d like our guidance, we’ll tell you what we think you need on your site so your website works as you want it to

Custom Made

Get just what you need Work with us to develop the site that does what you need it to, and that looks and feels just the way you want.


Sell to your customers online Starting from just $895, this is the site you want to increase your sales by going online and offer customers 24/7 easy access to your services/products. You provide the content, we provide the site. Get the Internet earning you money!


Words matter

If you’d like clean up of your existing website, GTB’s skilled copywriters work with you put some new zing into your old site, making sure your site answers the questions your potential clients care about;  everything is easy to find; and  your site is straight-forward, welcoming and informative.


Get the right images

GTB can update your website with  high-quality stock photos, or use your own provided images, to keep your site looking fresh, your customers interested, and your brand contemporary.  

Hosted & Maintained

You can keep your existing URL and hosting, or move the hosting to us. You will have full access, log-in details and an easy to follow instruction manual for content editing (or we can do this for you).

Web Services

GTB provides a full range of webmaster services for WordPress and Shopify websites, and occasional other platforms by request.

Prices exclude GST

Domain Management

Your Domain is your Internet address and you are relying on it more and more. Keep this important information properly looked after, so it is safe, not forgotten, and there are less likely to be accidents when it needs to be used. From $45 a year, including domain registration and renewal.

Website Maintenance And Security

Even small websites need a little bit of TLC to keep them ticking along and secure. GTB has a package of services that cater to the needs of the website you have and your risk profile. This includes regular security updates, plugin and module updates and re-licensing, housekeeping to keep the site tidy and minimise opportunities for attack.


Get a monthly standard report emailed to you, or get us to customise so you see exactly what you want to.

Website Hosting

Starting from only $10 a month, we can cater for virtually any website need on secure servers. At the lower cost end your site will be on a large server, and at the higher end, you can have a dedicated virtual or physical server.

Application Hosting

Many applications can be moved into a virtual environment, meaning you no longer need to own expensive physical equipment.

Website Changes And Additions

Like to make changes to your sites content to keep it fresh and up to date, but don’t want to do it yourself? GTB offers fixed price or ‘pay per use’ services to do this for you. Save them up for a big change, or keep the site right up to date by making regular minor changes. Either way we efficiently and promptly handle your request in our world-class ticketing system.

Let’s have a chat.

… given us confidence to sort out a long standing problem with email accounts and we’re now on track to get that problem sorted in a way that supports our busy consultancy and personal email accounts and provides a solid base for business growth through the new website that we are developing with GTB support.

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